Occupational Health and Safety Management System

SGSSO is a computer system developed for the Health and Safety areas, capable of register, manage and supervise the activities of contractors, with the aim of preventing risks, covering two areas of the HSEC management model.

SGSSO Objectives

Its main objective is to comply with article 66 BIS of Law 16744 (Chile), concerning the management of occupational safety and health at works or services, according to the provisions of Supreme Decree 76, which refers to having and maintaining a management system, in order to protect the life and health of all workers.

How does it do it?

Through close and accurate control of compliance with the schedule of activities previously listed by the Risk Prevention Advisor (RPA), audits and the correct planning of the annual risk prevention program.

Occupational Safety and Health areas covers more than 40% of the activities listed in the Annual Risk Prevention Program, which is complemented by other prevention programs such as those refered to alcohol and drugs. In this scenario, SGSSO is positioned as an indispensable tool in the support of management.